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Houston Home Security

As a LifeShield authorized dealer, Superior Home Security offers the highest quality Houston home security systems to the Houston, TX area. Offering the best combination of price, quality service, advanced home protection technology, and industry knowledge, Superior Home Security cannot be matched. No matter the size of your home, the specifics of your layout, the dynamics of your household, or the geography of your area, we here at Superior Home Security will ensure you are protected. From sensors to alarms, keypads to wireless connectivity, our LifeShield security systems are the ideal fit for any environment. Regardless of where you live or the specifics of your property, our quality LifeShield security systems can be formatted to fit your needs. Call us at 1-877-534-2950 or contact us via our website today to see why Superior Home Security is the ideal security dealer in the Houston, TX area.


3 Tips For Keeping Your Home Safe

May 6, 2013

When it comes to keeping your home safe LifeShield has some great tips that will help you rest at ease when it comes to the safety and security of your home and your family’s well being. By keeping these tips in mind you are assured to not have any security issues.

Secure Your Home

One of the best ways to ensure security for your home is to make sure that all windows and doors are sealed properly and also have locks. This is especially important in the warmer months as many families tend to keep windows open and let fresh air in as opposed to running the air conditioning. A forgotten window left open could mean trouble for your home, so be sure to secure your home before going to bed or leaving.

Preparing For Vacation

Another great tip involves properly preparing for a vacation away or an extended period of time away from your home. Some key factors to consider when preparing for a vacation involve social media and neighbors. First, you do not want to post on any form of social media that you will be away from your home. You may trust your friends, but depending on privacy settings others may be able to see that you will be out of town and may prey on your house. If you’re going to be long for an extended period of time it’s also advisable to have the mail stopped as well as the newspaper. Having an overflowing mailbox or stack of papers at the door is a sure sign that there is no one home and any passerby may take advantage. Letting a neighbor know you’re going to be out of town is another great way to ensure your home’s safety. They will be able to monitor your home and will pick up on any suspicious activity.


It may seem strange but having a routine can also make you more susceptible to security breaches. Anyone who is watching your home may see you leave at the same times for work, or the gym. It’s good to switch your routine up if it’s possible.  Keeping a light on in the house while you’re gone may not be a bad idea either, so as it looks like someone is home.

These 3 tips are just a few of the many suggestions that can help make your home more secure. By following these suggestions and always being aware you are guaranteed to ensure your home’s security and your family’s well being. By being proactive in conjunction with having a great home security system you can rest at ease knowing your home and your family are safe.

To Protect Your Houston Home, Visit LifeShield Today

July 26, 2012

Houston is the largest community in Texas.  Many new homes are located in this area, as Houston is seeing an influx of affluent people.  Overall, Houston is a very educated city, more than the average city in the United States.  With its specialized healthcare, growing economy, and rich culture, Houston is a great place for more and more people to live.  But along with these great attributes of Houston, also come some negatives.  Crime is one of those negative attributes.

Houston’s large size and close location to nations that export illegal drugs make this city a major hub for the trafficking of many illegal drugs such as cocaine and heroin.  With this drug trafficking popularity, Houston is also a place of high crime. Based on recent statistics during 2009-2012, crime seems to be on an upward trend in Houston.  The property crime rates in Houston are higher than the national property crime rate by nearly 77 percent.  In 2012 there will be a projected 30,461 burglaries, and a total of 121,170 property crimes.

With these stunning crime statistics, many Houston residents may be wondering what they can do to protect themselves, including getting a superior home security system.  There are many steps you can take to protect yourself and help prevent you and your belongings from becoming crime victims.  Having a high quality home security system that is monitored 24/7 is one step in preventing crime.

LifeShield is a state of the art home security system.  LifeShield protects your home from invasion, burglaries, fire, and carbon monoxide leaks.  It also gives you access to your home 24/7 no matter where in the world you are.  With specialized technology you can view the comings and goings at your house anytime and any place.  You can check to see if your kids made it home from school, or if your housekeeper showed up on time for your weekly service.

Security Houston is your authorized dealer for LifeShield wireless home security systems.  They are ready to help you protect your home, family members and belongings against burglary, fires and other unforeseen events.  Call today to let one of their expert team members tell you how you can prevent crime and protect your home with a LifeShield security system.

Houston Number One in Home Security City

March 8, 2012

As my new neighbors moved into their house this week, I watched with such anticipation to have new neighbors. I looked at them and thought I would go introduce myself and take them a welcoming gift of a nice cake or some cookies. As I got closer to the house I heard the loudest music and so much loud laughing. I am used to loud music in Houston, don’t get me wrong. But my neighborhood has always been a safe place to live. As I knocked on the door and saw my new neighbors maybe I am judging but I didn’t feel safe at all. Nor did I feel like my teenagers needed to be left alone without some way of protecting them.  I came home to look in the telephone book to find a home security Houston based company.  I was not worried about price I was more concerned about the family being safe. That is when I called several  Houston home security businesses and am grateful today for the safety my family is feeling with our new system in force. As I leave my home now I know that my children will be safe and that my belongings in my home will be safe. I also feel safe while I am sleeping and the neighbors are still awake. My husband is equally as happy as I am with the system. I would recommend a security system to all my friends and family. It is better to be safe than to be sorry.

Burglars Loose, Houston Schools Under Lockdown

November 8, 2011

When a burglary happens, it doesn’t just affect the homeowners who had their homes robbed, and the police officers investigating and chasing the suspects.  It can affect so many other people who become involved due to their proximity to the crime scene. Neighbors may have their properties are checked for clues and streets can be closed to allow the police to do their work. Houston home security and burglary investigations don’t stop there, however. Stores often find their video camera footage used frequently by police to check for criminal activity or look for suspects.

In Houston this week, two elementary schools were placed under lock down when two possible burglars were on the loose. Worried about the dangerous situations these suspected criminals could cause, school district officials decided to treat the unknown danger seriously and worked to protect the students. One of the burglars had kicked in the front door of a home, and it was unknown whether or not they carried weapons.

The Houston Police Department jumped into action to keep the community safe.  They were able to catch the burglars within an hour, at which point community life returned to normal. The school was able to reopen, thanks to the diligence of all those involved.  Houston residents should continue to use home alarm systems every day, cooperate with police, and practice common sense at all times to keep safe and deter crime.